Dr. Carle's practice includes individuals between the ages of 4 and 75.  She has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, college-aged students and women.

Dr. Carle primarily uses play therapy with younger children and likes to involve parents in the treatment of their child as much as possible.  This helps to increase the effectiveness of therapy for the child and provides guidance to parents who are struggling to find ways to help their child.

Her work with adolescents is focused primarily on teenage girls, helping them deal with the various difficulties they may be facing in middle school, high school or otherwise.  Common issues include: anxiety, depression, adjusting to life changes, social and family issues.

Dr. Carle's expertise also includes helping women address the various stressors they may be experiencing in their lives.  Common concerns include: anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, life transitions and parenting.

In her work with older children, teenagers, college students and women, Dr. Carle uses a cognitive-behavioral and solution oriented approach to treatment.